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Melissa Gorga Answers Questions About Joe, Teresa And Stripping

In this weeks Steppin’ Out Magazine RHONJ star, Melissa Gorga discusses her relationship with sister in law, Teresa Giudice, dancing, and if she married Joe Gorga for his money.

On Teresa Giudice Claiming The Cast Is Jealous Of Her:
I think Teresa’s interview with In Touch was just ridiculous. She has her successful
cook book and good for her. Nobody is jealous of that. I don’t see any reason
why any of us, including Caroline, Jacqueline or Kathy would be jealous of her.
That’s just ridiculous. That is just a cover for Teresa. It’s a way for her to
fire back at us by saying we’re jealous of her. I think it’s one of those things
she put out in the press to change everybody’s mind and take the heat off
herself. But it’s completely not true. Everybody is very happy at home. We all
live a good life, so I see no reason for anyone to be jealous. We only wish her
success. I actually wish her much more success. I hope her cookbooks do even
better. It has no effect on any of our lives. That article was just silly. It
was ridicules.

On Not Wanting Magazine Covers:
But sadly the public wants to see controversy. Whenever you see a person on the cover it’s usually for something negative. It’s very hard to get on the cover of a magazine
for something positive unless you’re getting married or having a baby. So if you
ever see any of us on the cover of a magazine it’s because it’s something
negative. That’s kind of sad. It’s almost to the point you don’t want a cover
unless you’re having a baby or getting married. Otherwise it means bad news for
you. Know what I mean?

On Marrying Joe For Money:
That’s silly. It’s so obvious how we feel about each other. There are times when Joe
and I have zero money. Joe and I fell in love at first sight. So it’s just
silly. I don’t think anyone even entertains that. You can see how much we love
each other just from watching the show. We have three beautiful kids and we’re
madly in love with each other. We don’t go anywhere without each other. I think
he’s the sexiest guy in the world and he feels the same about me. That’s just

On Being An Exotic Dancer:
It’s nonsense. It’s not true. I was a bartender. I have a BA and I graduated college
to be a teacher and I bartended through college. I did bartend, but I was never
a dancer of any sought. I’m actually extremely modest. It’s just not true. It’s
a shame the level of lowness a person will go to bring another person down. It’s
kind of sad. The fact that someone would actually lie about something like that
just to hurt a person is disgusting. The fact that someone would try to plant
that into the press and make that a part of people’s minds is not playing fair
and it’s very dirty.

On Danielle Staub:
I don’t think anyone cares about her anymore. I don’t even hear her name come up to much. She’s off the show, so I don’t think anyone even thinks about her anymore. We don’t put too much thought into her. She’s not there and she’s not a

Teresa shouldn’t have told In Touch that the housewives are jealous of her. If that’s the case, viewers will see that for themselves. Melissa, just because you have a “BA” and “graduated college” does not mean you weren’t a dancer? That’s just silly. I’m sure Melissa is referring to the Interview AllAboutTRH had with Angelo and FYI. Angelo has everything to lose and nothing to gain by “lying.” Own it, Melissa! The fact that Melissa is a hypocrite and still talking about Teresa blows my mind. I don’t understand how someone can constantly say “I want too move on” but continue to speak about the situation.

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  • You Sow! Regarding Joe and ‘love at first sight’. Do you understand the difference between lust and love? All I have ever seen is Lust with you and your husband – and having sex in a public toilet? – and all that means is that you meet his needs. If someone better comes along you would undoubtedly cut bait and run – that means you would go to the highest bidder. Also Melissa, you are not a pretty woman with your horse face and over extended extensions (you have the hairline of someone who has ruined your hair in the front and going bald there). Your boobs do not look real – you have no meat on your bones so putting round implants in make them obvious. Look to your S-I-L for implants done right. Anyway … if you can’t tell, I don’t like you because you are constantly going at Teresa and acting the victim. It gets OLD.

  • Melissa is a lying, sneaky horsefaced skank and so are her skank washed up sisters.
    Jacqueline is a drunk ass hooker.
    Caroline is a mean asshole who looks like a man clown.\
    Kathy is a bug eyed loser.
    Teresa is cute and has more brains than all of them.

  • PLZ STOP GIVING THIS EDP MELISSA THE SPOTLIGHT. ALL SHE DOES IS TALK SMACK, SHE GRADUATED FROM WHAT COLLEGE? EARNED WAT DEGREE? T N A MAYBE CUZ SHE DEFINITELY WAS A STRIPPER AT LOOKERS. NICE PLACE TO WORK? notttttttttttt the place is a hole in the wall near nwk airport that most men are longshoremen horny to get some action. real classy she is. plz stop encouraging her any further scum like her needs to crawl back into her hole!

  • She is so redundant in her answers. In the first question alone On Teresa Giudice Claiming The Cast Is Jealous Of Her- She mentioned not being jealous of her 5 times in one paragraph. Me thinks she prothest too much

  • Of course they are jealous of Teresa. I don’t see anyone else with the level of success she has. Caroline’s talk show is off the air, Jacqueline is crying foul saying Teresa stole her idea, Melissa is trying to make money by selling clothing with the word her husband uses for sperm splattered ( no pun intended. seriously) across it and song everyone says is drowning in autotune – adding her the pile of HW singers ( Kim, Simon, Luanne, Kandi, Danielle etc etc etc etc ) that just aren’t taken seriously. And then you have Teresa, who in the face of a struggle, dusts herself off, puts a smile on her face and is successful – despite those who have claimed to love her all turning on her like the wolf pack mentality lowlifes I now see them as. Teresa is the one on the best selling list ( with more to come!!), The Apprentice, fans that adore and support her, and more surprises around the corner! If I were the others, I would be jealous too! They have tried everything they can to sabotage her – and she just keeps her head high, and focused on what’s important, and the truth always comes out on it’s own. 🙂

    • Sometimes people expect you to GIVE UP and NOT find happiness in SHITTY situation, but those who rise ABOVE it usually makes it. I hope ALL who find themselves in not great situation rise above it ALL

  • I really didn’t care one way or the other about Melissa until she joined in on the the bashing of Tre at the reunion. Family is family no matter what, I thought it was strange that Kathy and Melissa had to look to Caroline before answering a single question. Yeah Tre said some crazy things about Mel during the season but Mel was no angel. Joe Gorga said he can’t control what his wife says so why does he expect Tre to control what her husband says?

    If Mel was a stripper (I believe she was), why not own it? If she would have owned it, it wouldn’t have been the huge story its turned out to be.

  • DOH!!! Perhaps because she has the means and drive to get herself out of debt and they all don’t…maybe because despite everything she is happy!!!

  • Really they are all jealous of Tre? Who would want the burden of 11 million dollar debt on there hands? I don’t know many people jealous of that!

    • Honey everybody is in debt sooner or later, Donald Trump is and i sure wouldn’t mind be in his place RIGHT NOW…LOL

    • Teresa has $100,000 debt and they reported it one of the good morning shows that she can easily write a check for it.

      Teresa’s name is not on Joe’s business debts. Those are in his name only and he brought the debt down to 8 mil and is working on the remaining debt. His business is where the debt came from, apt bldgs, investment properties and the expenses of flipping.

      They are not filing bankruptcy.

      Teresa has been busy with different career projects, so hopefully this will be behind them.

  • Did anyone see Melissa tweet Teresa earlier? She didn’t write anything she just tweeted Teresa’s name and then a few minutes later, deleted it? BTW….wasn’t she suppose to go away for Thanksgiving; reason being she told everyone she wasn’t spending the holidays with her Teresa and her inlaws? AND…I’ve noticed that no one (Jac, Caroline, Kathy) has been tweeting her back when ever she tweets them….hmmmmmm!

  • I didn’t even think Teresa put out those stories in those crappy magazines or at least that’s what I remember reading on her twitter? Melissa is a no-body without Melissa and I hope, hope, hope Penny and Johnny “the Greek” gets on season 5 and outs all her skeletons! I’m thinking maybe Johnny and this greek man she stalked know each other? AHHH that would be ratings GOLD, Andy would be absolutely stupid to not do that. BUT like what somebody said he is UP the Gorgarillas BUTT!

  • .

    We want you to tell us about your Old Greek boyfriend from Marlboro, N.J.. We would also like to hear ur version on your breast implants….like who bought them and when did you get them?

    Mellssa, do a time line of the past 20 years of your life. And make sure you name names and places.

    Also, give us details on the parties that where held at the “Shore’s” house. How well do you know the man that had those parties…we already know that he was not the greek guy from Marlboro. Give his name and age and how u know him and what your relationship was with him.

    Melissa, Danielle is not a dead subject. We want to know the details of how and when you connected with Danielle Staub.

    Also Melissa, is your father the bio father of your siblings? Is your mother the bio mother to all of your siblings?

    Now u see Melissa those are the answers and comments we want to hear from you. Enuf with the Teresa crap….it’s old, redundant and very boring.

    • Teresa is the star of the show and Melissa knows it. It drives her crazy. Without Teresa, Melissa would be irrelevant, and she knows it. And that drives her more crazy. She’s been told she is a star since she was born from her father and her nasty sisters. And the thought of Teresa actually being one on national television makes her crazy and irate. Couldn’t happen to a nicer person, imo. I’ve seen right through her since the first episode. I can’t stand her, and I can’t stand what she’s doing. Karma goes around, and she’ll get hers.

  • Modest? Then why whip out the old stripper clothes to lip-synch On Display?
    Modest people do not grovel to get on a reality show and then suddenly discover that they want to be On Display in skanky bars.

    Whay can’t you stop talking about Teresa? Is she talking about you in a negative way? You are jealous of her success it is as plain as the nose on your face. You should try to gather your thoughts and re-read all of your nasty blogs that you wrote about her from day one. You came on the show swinging. Your reason? Never fully explained with an explanation that is believable. You have bashed her cookbooks. You have disrespected your in-laws in a very public way. You have driven a permanent wedge between your husband and his family in an unforgivable way. and somehow you have twisted it all to try to make us think this is all Teresa’s fault. You have serious, serious mental problems which stem from insecurity. You turned all her friends against her. The list goes on and on. You have been the opposite of a Christian in every possible way. Now you are feeling the backlash because what you have done is try to bully and destroy soemone for no valid reason. Live with the results. If you hadn’t pretended to be so high and mighty and just owned who you were, you wouldn’t be in this position. You may be incapable of honesty. Everytime I think of you I think of what you have done to Joey’s parents. And I imagine how I would feel if they were my parents. And it makes me dislike you. You made yourself the villian in this drama. Because you are a liar. You may be pathological and unable to see your part in this. That is quite possible.

    Stop blaming Teresa for your problems. that is a start.

    • Modesty is not something you acquired in the past months, IT’S always been there. Modest girls people DON’T work in strip/bikini bars. BTW she said she worked there to pay off school. I have gotten a BA and a MS, without ever working at a strip joint…Melissa needs to sit down. BTW if it was false, Joey G would have been blowing off twitter, he remained really quiet on twitter. Melissa’s sisters now wants to have “adult” conversation with people on twitter. Sometimes when you point a finger, there are 100 more pointing towards you.

      • Totally totally so true, my husband would not be able to stand quiet while I was being accused of being a *dancer* and he would not be happy with the idea that some other guy may have bought me some bubbies…but then again maybe when you have been supposedly accused of raping some one you best not say much because it will cause others to take a closer look…hmmmmz…just saying!

  • sorry mego but you reek of jealousy …..
    you too caroline …
    they have made themselves so unpopular with their
    ‘holier-than-thou’ attitude & help me jesus cliches .
    if she ain’t a sex worker that met joe the rapist gorga as a ‘john’ on the kink circuit than i’ll eat my hat !
    there ain’t a man in the world that talks to his wife like that .
    the man has a serious problem with his intellect & couldn’t find a respectable woman if his life depended on it .
    his family knows that . LOL .
    tre’ had to indulge this spoiled neanderthal his whole life no doubt .
    jealous low class bums …
    dina did well to distance herself from that hypocritical clown …now tre’ must do the same !

    • He does not respect her…He owns her and she KNOWS it. He bought her from Lookers, sign, sealed, delivered, she’s his.

    • I am sure he “disrespects” her only on TV, so he comes out looking like the man and not the whipped coward that he is. There was one scene with Soul diggas where they were recording in her studio and she keep telling go to shut-up. That is the real Melissa and Joe.

    • Modest? Is modest another word for letting your bubbies hang out whenever you can? If so, then yes, Melissa you are modest.

      As far as the praise Jesus line it is nauseating the way it is used. Joe gives her a Rolex for Christmas and it’s praise Jesus. Shut up Melissa with your faux modesty and faux Jesus prayers

  • The magazine no doubt had asked Teresa why they were angry with her.
    I don’t think Teresa had much choice but to address it.

    Teresa has charisma and a big personality. She is a very marketable housewife. I believe that is what separates her from the other cast members.

    • Agreed, in order to make it out there you have got to have a big personality, bad or good, that’s what makes people.

  • Miss Andy is so far up Melissa’s …. sorry, trying not to be vulgar. I wasn’t a huge Teresa fan until I saw the Reunion and how Andy was so mean & kept setting Teresa up. And in one of the after shows, Andy had some no-name “comedian”, who made a joke about hate-f**king Teresa. Carolina was a guest too – she laughed her head off. So did Miss Andy. Think about it – they thought that “joke” was hilarious. And Andy has the nerve to act like Teresa’s at fault for all the drama?

    They are disgusting, hate-fillled, low-life hypocrites. Including Queen Andy!

    Melissa is the Princess of Passive-Aggression. I hope more employees of the strip club come forward & tell the truth about her career as a stripper. And I hope that Greek guy in Marlton (somewhere in South Jersey) shows up & tells how she was chasing him before he finally told her to get lost.

    • Andy was so mean against Teresa because he thought she was anti-Jewish and because of the gay comments Joe Giudice has made. Those were the only reasons for him to keep attacking Teresa because he felt like she deserved it. Just watch back the reunion and you’ll see that those are the reasons for him to be mean because as far as he is concerned, nobody is allowed to say bad things about gay people and Judaism. The saddest thing is that Teresa actually didn’t do anything to deserve his wrath. Andy showed his true colours. He is a bad host and they should replace him with someone who is a professional talkshow host.

  • What a crock! So, the gentleman in the interview risks EVERYTHING, chances a lawsuit against him all because he wanted to lie about Melissa? Please? That makes no sense whatsoever. What does he have to gain by making up a story like that? Absolutely nothing, that’s what.
    She’s jealous, always has been. Remember in the 1 episode (there were several instances throughout the season) how she made it clear that Tre does NOT throw better parties than her? I mean COME ON, wtf cares? Why even say that? Because she tried to out do Teresa now that she’s got money. Something she didn’t have until she married Joe. Imagine all the things that get said by her and her fugly, instigating sisters that we don’t see? She’s trouble, and so are her sisters.

    I think in the coming seasons, Jac & Caroline will soon see the real Melissa. But they’re too dumb & stubborn to ever admit they were wrong & apologize. Oh well.

    Not a huge Tre fan, but I certainly admire all her hardwork to pay back the mess her & her husband created for themselves. Very admirable. Bet Jac & her hubby won’t do so 😉

    • Maybe the Greek didn’t marry because he can’t bring a stripper home,they would disown him, which would affect his cash flow. Joey G on the other hand did not mind. Hey 3rd times the charm

  • Danielle Staub is a factor. We need dates and details on what transpired between Melissa and Danielle. There’s a story there and Andy should have pressed the subject of Danielle and Melissa’s connection at the reunion. That is unfinished biz…

    • I agree! Please bring Danielle on and let us known about what went on between her and Melissa. Andy sure keeps that under covers. Why? That conversation and explanation will be good. Danielle could really give us some light on how Melissa lies. Remember durning reunion when Teresa pushed Andy because she was upset about Danielle bring up Melissa? Teressa was real standing up for Melissa and that was a real emotion from Teressa. Now Melissa acts like she doesn’t even know Danielle. Please allabouttruth get to the bottom of that for us.

    • I think they are a bit jealous of Teresa…just a bit. I would be jealous if my co-star made more money and gain more attention than me.

    • Her storyline is Teresa’s, there is NOTHING else to tawk about…NOTHING, her children aren’t interesting nor her husband, so what is left to tawk about. If you watch the season again, Melissa’s sisters ALWAYS ask about Teresa “is she coming?”, RichardW always asked his wife “will Teresa be there?”…I mean damn, can Teresa breath?

  • I think they’ve all had a little sip of the kool-aid. They(the husbands & wives) r all chasing a certain lifestyle b/then the show, the jealousy & the microscope they’re under combined w/ all the attention really intensifies the already existing competition. It all boils down 2 greed. How much is enough? U all have seemingly nice families, lovely homes, & own a lot of stuff. What more do u want?

  • Well to quote Jay Mohr from his blogs:

    Episode 1:
    “-It’s hard to take much of what she says seriously, because she is constantly mixing in, “Praise Jesus!” “Praise Jesus!” is a very effective and powerful thing to say, but when you say it at the wrong time, it comes across as kind of creepy.”
    “-A common and unfortunate theme with Melissa and Joe Gorga is their need to put down Teresa and Joe Giudice for their financial troubles. It all seems so uncalled for and low.”

    Episode 3
    “-While watching this scene I slowly began to wonder if maybe Melissa just isn’t that into Joe. She keeps telling him that she is too tired to have sex. Too tired?”

    Episode 6
    “-Joey tells Teresa that, “Melissa doesn’t like you because you tell it like it is.” So what is he saying, that Melissa only likes lies? That would explain why he kept telling her what a great singing voice she had.”

    Episode 7
    “- don’t want to seem like a Teresa fan every week, it’s just that when the ladies sit down to have these think tanks, Teresa just seems to make more sense to me. For example, how could Melissa say regarding her husband, “He wants his sister to be real,” when last week Joey Gorga told Teresa to her face that, “Melissa doesn’t like you, because you tell it like it is.” Pick a lane Gorgas, which is it? Do you want Teresa to be real or are you mad at Teresa for being real? I need to know, like, for real.”

    There is more but I think those said enough.

    IMO this is just another way of her to twist the situation around with cunning word play.

  • I believe that the other housewives are jealous. They are each showing it everyday lately. Melissa, Joe, Kathy, Jac and the Manzo have all retweeted mean things about Tre. Jac first said she was mad at Tre for what happen at the fashion show and now she is saying that Tre stole her idea. If Jac really had an idea she should have continued to develop it. Jac failed as well as Don Caro with her cookbooks.
    Last week Tre was announced as one to host the unveiling of the new high priced car. We all know that Tre was busy in New York with CA since there were pictures published of her and a few others from the cast. Melissa was the one that took over at the last minute. Both Melissa and the car company came out and said that Melissa was the first choice even though the PR company published ads with Tre’s name and picture. A story was supposed to be in In Touch this week and I still haven’t seen anything.
    I really hope that someone comes on the show or out in the press to tell ALL the dirty secrets on Melissa, Jac and the Manzo’s. They had no problem reading all of Tre’s problems on the show for all to see and hear.

    • I’m still waiting to hear more about the Greek from marlboro and about the “parties” at the shore house.