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Lisa Vanderpump Says She Can’t Understand Why Adrienne Is Upset.

Lisa Vanderpump discusses Mondays episode of RHOBH and Pandoras bachelorette party. She blogged,

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Melissa Gorga: I Think It Bothers Teresa That I Even Exist

Melissa Gorga of RHONJ just can’t stop with all the interviews bashing her sister in law, Teresa Giudice. Gorga spoke too Diane Clehane of earlier today. Here’s what Dianna had to say about the interview,

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Teresa Giudice: Fabulicious: Fast & Fit

Teresa Giudice of RHONJ shares behind the scene photos for her new book Fabulicious: Fast & Fit coming out this May. Teresa writes on her website,

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Adrienne Says Lisa Is Envious Of What Shes Accomplished

Adrienne Maloof of RHOBH blogged about yesterdays episode and explains why we didn’t see all the shoes at her Fashion Show as well as calling Lisa Vanderpump Envious,

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Will Love Exposes Illumination PR And Melissa Gorga

Will Love work’s with entertainment and NJ/NY media. Will has shared the same PR as New Jersey Housewive, Melissa Gorga. Will was friends with Melissa and her sisters but is no longer with Illumanation PR. The former client of Illumination PR exposes the truth about the PR, Melissa Gorga and more.

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Melissa Gorga: RHONJ Has Helped Bring Our Family Together

Mommyhood to Hollywood, an online Magazine recently interviewed RHONJ star, Melissa Gorga. Melissa spoke about her family, music career and what to expect on season 4.

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Cynthia Bailey Discusses Nene, Kim, Peter And More

Who watched RHOA yesterday? It was a very interesting yet odd episode. And today, Cynthia Bailey is blogging about it. She starts off her blog denying

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Teresa Giudice Doing Well On Celebrity Apprentice And Has A New BFF

As most of you know RHONJ star, Teresa Giudice has been filming Celebrity Apprentice (although she has yet to confirm it.) We’re even hearing that she’s doing very well! Naughty Nice Rob, a popular entertainment columnist recently tweeted a viewer saying,

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Kim Granatell Making Herself Relevant. Blogging About Michael Lohan.

For those of you who are not familiar with Kim G, you’re lucky. Kim G was in a couple of episodes of RHONJ always doing what she does best–starting drama! Lately Kim G has been constantly tweeting about her new “friend,” Michael Lohan. Although I find it weird considering no one ever asks her about him. […]

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Let’s Discuss: Cynthia Bailey

  Last Week on RHOA we saw how Cynthia Bailey’s husband embarrassed her on HER reality TV show by causing drama at Kim’s baby shower as well as continuing to do ANOTHER magazine story bashing the ladies of RHOA. Cynthia also went on Wendy Williams and defended

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